~lalalala…its holiday!!


what la ukm..

i wonder why UKM always have extra holiday when compare to other uni..

other uni will only ‘cuti raya’ a week (which a week later than ukm)


hope it’ll be fun although i’m not going anywhere,

i’ll ‘jaga ing’ my college,haha


did nothing today,after exam straight away went back college and surf..

then after few minutes (or hours) sleep,

then woke up,and surf again..

them MAKAN..

what a routine..if its going to be like this for next coming 2 weeks of holiday,i going to have cancer..

huhu,’surfing cancer’,’sleeping cancer’etc..

in which cause by over surf,and ‘over dose’ of sleeping..

i hope i can study for next coming 2 weeks

i have to study,God please dicipline me if i’m not study,( but don’t over do it,hehe)

i’m out of maggi n money,hope my brother will bank in by tomorrow

till that,i have to ‘puasa’,huhu


~ by julianthegreat on September 18, 2008.

One Response to “~lalalala…its holiday!!”

  1. haha.. jgn trampau makan maggie tidak bagus o.. hahaha..
    eh i dun get it la. how long is ur Raya holiday?

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