ntah la boi!!

life as student,

ada naik,ada turun..macam lif juga ba..kadang2 mo kena maintenance

dan kadang-kadang mo kena kasi park jap..

yang bagus kan..

ikut org jak c lif ni,org tekan p naik ka,turun ka,dia ikut jak..

i can feel the same thing happen in my life,

especially life as student (good christian student)

where ever God send me,what ever He plan for me…

bg jak la Tuhan,i’ll do it ( yes)..hehe

i’m quite enjoyed my study for this very first 2 month..

it’s like i’m having my ‘power’ back..

i cheer myself,i did everything myself..

until this week,

i realised something..

it’s only me left,(all my bestfriends are all graduated)


as the week comes to its end,( today is thursday)

i’m back to my mood of being a loner,hehe

i have to accept this,

as a good christians..(chewahh)

i believe in God’s plan

but i still hope,when i graduate ( in few years to come)

i hope all of them can come,

the victories is not only mine,but ours….

Congrat guys!!

i’ll upload some of their graduation pic..


~ by julianthegreat on August 14, 2008.

One Response to “ntah la boi!!”

  1. plan2 saja bah kau.. nanti kau pun graduate juga. keep on praying,

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