great!jusstt great!!


the sub topics realy did out..

sigh,can’t answer as i didn;t read those part


i hope i’ll get an A- at least for that subjects..

now,need to pack everything..need to finish packing everything before friday evening..

don’t knw what things i should keep and what i should just throw away…

and i haven’t buy my flight ticket yet,

hope my bro will help me on this

plan to get back home on the as early as 23rd,

and the latest 27th..

and i need to prepare mentally,and repent myself ( sounds holy huh..)..

will join PERKEB MOA next week,hehe

pray for me ya..

God bless~~


~ by julianthegreat on May 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “great!jusstt great!!”

  1. uish belum beli ticket?? ada hati mu balik, tapi tiket pun belum beli.. hahahaha….

  2. Hye bro! Finally got the time to check out your blog. Hehe. As an English teacher, I should tell you that you seemed to be at loss with conjunctions, hahahahaha….but as a friend, for me, you write as if you’re writing your life in a poem. Miss you bro! Do take care and you know I’m there if you need me =) GB!

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