finally,i sent my jurnal reviewas i should done it 2 weeks ago,

luckily,or thanks God dr samudi accpet it without me need to give reasons..

though i’m ready with few of my reasons ( in which all are lies )..

its a great relief actually, ( i even dream about this assigment,its a nightmare,haha)..

but,thank God i never dream about Galileo (my assignment topic is about Galileo thought experiment,famous free fall experimant)

to think about it,well,

its a lesson to me,

never ever send my assignment after due date,haha..

oh ya,

went to library this afternoon,right before i sent my assignment..

saw sabahan junior,Ernie,i wonder how is she and her malay boyfriend..

i hope their ‘love’ over ody,haha

as dark and bright can’t become 1..

and i downloaded doraemon movie…

guess it’ll help me in reducing my stress,


~ by julianthegreat on May 6, 2008.

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