bad day!!

wahaha,my first writing on blog..

quite malas actually..


2 years in ukm..hurm..

i’m dead if i not manage to gain at least 3.1o cgpa..

dream lot bout life in uni before,but never imagine its actually this hard,huhu

when u here in uni especially when its far from home..

all u think about everyday is ur mom cooking,huuhu…

i miss sarawak umai,huhu..

semester break is around the corner..


gon na miss all seniors semester i won’t have seniors,i mean close seniors to be bulied

hehe,luckily new juniors will enter uni,hehe,they’ll be my new bully victims

hahaha, headache killing me,with lot more to study…

i guess i need more rest than study,haha

mana2 jak la boi,haha..

i just canceled my prctical this afternoon,i’m givin up waiting reply from them (chemical related companies,damn they all,at least send ur rejection letter) as it should start next week..

and i guess i’ll be graduating together with my 4 years program friends,haha

i’ll extend my studies,means i need to find a job,part time for my final semester..

haha,hope any shop or mamak accept me as their employee,and..

hope i’m not that bad,even mamak won’t accept me,hahaha


~ by julianthegreat on May 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “bad day!!”

  1. 1. mamak lah pula… y mamak ah? hmmm….
    2. O… pandai juga kau membuli ah..
    3. Dun worry, u’ll be just fine la..

  2. 1.y mamak?haha,me oso don no la
    2.well,haha..diorg yg rs kena buli
    3.Tx bro,harap2 gitu la,hehe

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