~lalalala…its holiday!!

•September 18, 2008 • 1 Comment


what la ukm..

i wonder why UKM always have extra holiday when compare to other uni..

other uni will only ‘cuti raya’ a week (which a week later than ukm)


hope it’ll be fun although i’m not going anywhere,

i’ll ‘jaga ing’ my college,haha


did nothing today,after exam straight away went back college and surf..

then after few minutes (or hours) sleep,

then woke up,and surf again..

them MAKAN..

what a routine..if its going to be like this for next coming 2 weeks of holiday,i going to have cancer..

huhu,’surfing cancer’,’sleeping cancer’etc..

in which cause by over surf,and ‘over dose’ of sleeping..

i hope i can study for next coming 2 weeks

i have to study,God please dicipline me if i’m not study,( but don’t over do it,hehe)

i’m out of maggi n money,hope my brother will bank in by tomorrow

till that,i have to ‘puasa’,huhu


ntah la boi!!

•August 14, 2008 • 1 Comment

life as student,

ada naik,ada turun..macam lif juga ba..kadang2 mo kena maintenance

dan kadang-kadang mo kena kasi park jap..

yang bagus kan..

ikut org jak c lif ni,org tekan p naik ka,turun ka,dia ikut jak..

i can feel the same thing happen in my life,

especially life as student (good christian student)

where ever God send me,what ever He plan for me…

bg jak la Tuhan,i’ll do it ( yes)..hehe

i’m quite enjoyed my study for this very first 2 month..

it’s like i’m having my ‘power’ back..

i cheer myself,i did everything myself..

until this week,

i realised something..

it’s only me left,(all my bestfriends are all graduated)


as the week comes to its end,( today is thursday)

i’m back to my mood of being a loner,hehe

i have to accept this,

as a good christians..(chewahh)

i believe in God’s plan

but i still hope,when i graduate ( in few years to come)

i hope all of them can come,

the victories is not only mine,but ours….

Congrat guys!!

i’ll upload some of their graduation pic..

great!jusstt great!!

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the sub topics realy did out..

sigh,can’t answer as i didn;t read those part


i hope i’ll get an A- at least for that subjects..

now,need to pack everything..need to finish packing everything before friday evening..

don’t knw what things i should keep and what i should just throw away…

and i haven’t buy my flight ticket yet,

hope my bro will help me on this

plan to get back home on the as early as 23rd,

and the latest 27th..

and i need to prepare mentally,and repent myself ( sounds holy huh..)..

will join PERKEB MOA next week,hehe

pray for me ya..

God bless~~


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my favorite character in csi:crime scene investigation

and of course and his team :

my favorite tv series beside smallvile and heroes

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today my 2nd last paper,

still stdying,waaa….

dream about my today’s paper,try to check the question..haha,

didn’t manage to figured it out,

just the subtopics,

hope its realy out,

damn,i haven’t pack anything yet,need to check out college right after my final paper,

guess there’ll be more goody be thrown than i’ll keep..



•May 6, 2008 • 1 Comment

=( damn out of money,

argue with my brother about it,

he said he text me,and i only will text him when i need money,daaa…

i never received any messages from him..

and i do message him,

but he the one that not replied my message..

kacau mood study jak..cis,


nvmind about him,

tommorow paper is paper of my hope,

i hope at least i’ll get b for this paper,

please God..

though its quite hard,but…

hurm..i’ll do my best not failing or get b- or such for it,

wish me luck!!


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finally,i sent my jurnal reviewas i should done it 2 weeks ago,

luckily,or thanks God dr samudi accpet it without me need to give reasons..

though i’m ready with few of my reasons ( in which all are lies )..

its a great relief actually, ( i even dream about this assigment,its a nightmare,haha)..

but,thank God i never dream about Galileo (my assignment topic is about Galileo thought experiment,famous free fall experimant)

to think about it,well,

its a lesson to me,

never ever send my assignment after due date,haha..

oh ya,

went to library this afternoon,right before i sent my assignment..

saw sabahan junior,Ernie,i wonder how is she and her malay boyfriend..

i hope their ‘love’ over ody,haha

as dark and bright can’t become 1..

and i downloaded doraemon movie…

guess it’ll help me in reducing my stress,